Considering the respect in terms of protection of your privacy, Piniex along with its affiliates (hereinafter, "the Company", "we", "us" or "our") are fully responsible especially with commitment of ensuing Privacy Act 1988 mainly the form part Act of “National Privacy Principles”. Considering the Privacy Policy (aligned with all Terms and Conditions) regulates our processing along with collection and using of the specific information (personal).

In continuation of the specific information (personal) that recognizes you with clarifying especially your name, residential and other address along with email address in detail.

Personal details also elaborates the kind of information;

Which may be used regarding IP detail along with our usage of cookies;

Further personal information can also be disclosed to third parties;

Also, considering the correctness with any update or deletion option of personal information if required from your side; and

Last but not least the security controls that strongly placed by our team for negating misuse with zero loss of information.

Personal Information Gathering and Usage

We have the option of collecting your personal information while you use website, initiate your Account via and in case of performing any Transaction on website. Gathering of Personal Information can also be made through recordings of all telephone conservation of you with website representative and also from available public registers. In addition, this personal information also help in meeting legal aspects with regulatory obligations along with increasing the service efficiency.

Further in continuation to the types of the information that have been collected includes the name with photographic verification and contact details;

Considering bank details that include the bank account details with date of birth verification and transaction details.

On the other hand, this personal information can also be used particularly for this website;

It helps in both account opening and operating on this website;

It allows successful transactions on this website;

It could be used for the analyzing of website services that are provided;

It can also be used for dispute resolution purposes;

It can also be used for providing updates regarding promotions;

It can also be used for the market research like surveys on requirement and opinion of different issues and problem and also for getting feedback on the performance and services provided

IP Addresses

IP address can be used for the gathering information along with checking the availability of the operating system and browser type for security screening with the system administration for the customers using services of the VPN. It may also be used as statistical data collection regarding the browsing and patterns of the user.

Personal Information Disclosure

Personal information can be used by our affiliates and the service providers for specific purposes and it can also be used by financial institutions and insurance companies regarding the matters of the mergers, divestiture and corporate re-organization. It can also be shared with AUSTRAC or with financial dispute resolution scheme to which particularly company subscribes. In addition, it can be shared with customer’s nominated advisers, courts and arbitration bodies in case of written request if provided by the customers.

Personal Information Changing and its Access

Customer can access his / her personal information by sending simple email to our team regarding the blocking of inaccuracy and correction if required. This process of accepting the request might take two week time. Request can also be made for the elimination or deletion of the personal information of the customer. In contrast of the written request received, we will update the customer of the issue along with the disclosure of the information in general with minimal charge for accessing the desired information.

General Data Protection Regulation

For the matter of the updates, correction and deletion of the personal information, customer has to visit the profile. Further request by contacting our team can also be made by the customer for the data export and in the same manner, a complaint can also be launched to the data protection authority about collection and use of data.


Considering the security, reasonable measures have been taken regarding the protection from the misuse and loss of the personal information. Further, all the security measures are being reviewed with time to time in line with the technical and legal teams for the developments. On the other hand, no guarantee given in case of information loss, unauthorized access and misusing of the information.

Personal Information Retention

Personal Information can be retained according to the necessity of the team keeping in view the privacy policy and regulatory requirements. Time period for maintaining records of all customer account must be at least five years after then the account can be closed.

In parallel, if account activity found suspicious or fraudulent, then team is fully authorized to provide account details to the involved parties or concerned departments.


Considering the need of hour, there should be linkages of our website with other sites depending on provisioning from third parties. This Privacy Policy applies especially to our website with any correspondence if there via It excludes the control over those third parties or any site relates to these parties. Also, our team is no way reliable and responsible for products and services along with damages and losses if incur due to third party sites. Further, we encourage our customers to review all policies along with rules, terms and conditions including privacy policy of all the websites that you search.


Depending upon the requirement, all policy along with complete content and information including disclosures and disclaimers could be revised or modified, and also it can be supplemented according to need without prior notification at sole and absolute discretion of company. Further in change of privacy policy, tem will surely notify the customers by notice on website.

Personal Information Rights Access

Considering the access to the personal information, customer will request in written email to SUPPORT@PINIEX.COM and within the time of 40 days of the receipt of this request along with the payment of £10 fee, customer will be provided the required details of the personal information of account including the purposes with subjected to Access Request rights under Privacy Act 1988.

Contact Us

For having any kind of question, comment, query or concerns regarding the policy along with its privacy and/or practices that relates to platform, feel free to please contact the team at SUPPORT@PINIEX.COM. In case of complaint, please contact in first instance with our team and if the matter is not timely addressed then feel free to contact the Privacy Commissioner who can investigate the complaint in neutral manner.