About Piniex


From 2018 onwards, our energetic and young crew has been working successfully on the project. Focusing on the digital currency trading, our enthusiastic team has wide expertise along with the best knowledge of the desires of the customers. Furthermore, ideal trader should capitalize on the broader aspects of the assets for the trading, and in this regard, we especially offer both crypto currencies including (Litecoin, NEM, Ethereum, Bitcoin and others) along with the rare ones. As a result, trading pair list is on the consistent rise. Considering the strong binding and relation, we insist open collaboration with the owners of crypto currency.

Focusing on the user interface and dashboard, it is very user friendly and candid for both the new and experienced trading clients. All the necessary documents are there in hold of our API and updated situation of the exchange market can be reviewed with rapid analysis with full accuracy through our exchange rate chart. Considering full privacy of the trading customers, our team guarantee full funds security along with complete personal data protection. We also allow low commission for maximizing the profits of the trading customer to highest peak level. On the other hand, rebate (extra remuneration) has been paid to the market brokers with unlimited deposits and withdrawals. For further convenience on both withdrawal and deposits, both crypto currency and flat currencies can be used by the customers and also on using bank card. Keeping in view the diversified customers, multi-language customer support has been provided in Russian and English.

Focusing on the modern era, we strongly recommend crypto currency trading and also believe that in terms of profitable area in exchange trade, it is on the highest profit level; remembering the year 2018, crypto currency market immensely grew its peak and still moving towards sky heights.

Considering crypto currency exchange, there is no doubt that Piniex is at the top with highest rating.